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  1. Dropper glass brown Dropper glass brown
    Ronde bruine fles leverbaar in 5 tot 100 ml
    €1.83 €1.83
    Full Box
    310 x €0.40
  2. Dropper glass clear Dropper glass clear
    Ronde transparante fles leverbaar in 5 tot 100 ml
    €1.88 €1.88
    Full Box
    160 x €0.52
  3. Droppen glass blue Droppen glass blue
    Ronde blauwe fles leverbaar in 5 tot 100 ml
    €1.99 €1.99
    Full Box
    250 x €0.58
  4. Pharma glass brown Pharma glass brown
    Ronde bruine fles leverbaar in 50 tot 1.000 ml
    €2.04 €2.04
    Full Box
    99 x €1.14
  5. Sirop glass brown Sirop glass brown
    Ronde bruine fles leverbaar in 60 tot 1.000 ml
    €1.96 €1.96
    Full Box
    104 x €0.70
  6. Beverage glass clear Beverage glass clear
    Ronde transparante fles leverbaar in 50 tot 1.000 ml
    €2.74 €2.74
    Full Box
    1053 x €0.94
  7. Passion glass clear Passion glass clear
    Ronde transparante fles leverbaar in 50 tot 700 ml
    €3.03 €3.03
    Full Box
    650 x €1.33
  8. Centurio glass clear Centurio glass clear
    Ronde transparante fles leverbaar in 500 tot 700 ml
    €3.39 €3.39
    Full Box
    1.056 x €3.39
  9. Apotheker glass clear Apotheker glass clear
    Ronde transparante fles leverbaar in 40 tot 750 ml
    €2.89 €2.89
    Full Box
    630 x €1.22
  10. Apotheker carre glass clear Apotheker carre glass clear
    Vierkante transparante fles leverbaar in 100 tot 700 ml
    €3.05 €3.05
    Full Box
    480 x €1.45
  11. Longneck glass brown Longneck glass brown
    Ronde bruine fles voor Kroonkurken
    €3.92 €3.92
    Full Box
    25 x €3.62
  12. Steinie glass brown Steinie glass brown
    Ronde bruine fles voor Kroonkurken & na-gisting
    €3.99 €3.99
  13. Vichy glass brown Vichy glass brown
    Ronde bruine fles voor Kroonkurken & na-gisting
    €3.93 €3.93
    Full Box
    25 x €3.63
  14. Bordo glass Antiquegreen Bordo glass Antiquegreen
    Groene ronde fles
    €4.08 €4.08
    Full Box
    232 x €1.86
  15. Burgunder glass Antiquegreen Burgunder glass Antiquegreen
    Groene ronde fles
    €6.94 €6.94
    Full Box
    194 x €2.47
  16. Rheinwein glass Antiquegreen Rheinwein glass Antiquegreen
    Groene ronde fles
    €4.29 €4.29
    Full Box
    233 x €2.05
  17. sapfles Fraicheur glass clear sapfles Fraicheur glass clear
    Transparante ronde fles met grote opening
    €2.54 €2.54
    Full Box
    25 x €2.35
  18. Sapfles Blanca glass clear Sapfles Blanca glass clear
    Transparante ronde fles met grote opening
    €4.32 €4.32
    Full Box
    25 x €2.32
  19. Gerardhals glass clear Gerardhals glass clear
    Transparante ronde smalle fles
    €2.70 €2.70
    Full Box
    25 x €2.50
  20. Dorica glass Antiquegreen Dorica glass Antiquegreen
    Groene ronde fles met speciale schenk dop
    €2.58 €2.58
    Full Box
    25 x €2.38
  21. Marasca glass Antiquegreen Marasca glass Antiquegreen
    Groene vierkante fles met speciale schenk dop
    €2.59 €2.59
    Full Box
    25 x €2.39
  22. Bordeauxfutura glass clear Bordeauxfutura glass clear
    Slanke ronde transparante fles in 350, 500 & 750 ml
    €4.92 €4.92
    Full Box
    452 x €2.19
  23. Bordeauxfutura glass Antiquegreen Bordeauxfutura glass Antiquegreen
    Slanke ronde groene fles in 350, 500 & 750 ml
    €5.02 €5.02
    Full Box
    342 x €2.28
  24. Triplebordeaux glass clear Triplebordeaux glass clear
    Ronde transparante fles in 200 ml
    €5.36 €5.36
    Full Box
    169 x €2.79
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Buying glass bottles or containers

You might not say it but glass bottles are easy to buy at They are available in all kinds of sizes. You can create our glass bottles yourself. The material we offer is of high quality. 

The advantage of is that we supply small quantities (from 1 unit upwards) and large quantities, making us suitable for private and commercial purposes. In addition, we have a wide selection, so there is always a glass bottle that’s right for you.’s range also offers PET bottles and HDPE bottles. You can choose between new or recycled. If you opt for the recycled HDPE bottles, you are choosing the most sustainable option.

At, you can count on an extensive and versatile range. For example, we offer plastic and glass bottles in many shapes and colours. Start creating your own bottle now. 

Glass bottles are suitable for many applications

Storing alcoholic beverages

Have you ever seen beer sold out of a plastic bottle? Us neither. This is because glass, unlike plastic, is odourless and tasteless, making it ideal for selling alcohol in. The alcoholic beverage does not react with glass, so the smell and taste remain the same. The shelf life of alcoholic beverages can be enhanced by storing them in a vacuum in a glass bottle.

We sell many glass bottles that are suitable for the following: beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages. For the bottles that could hold wines, we also offer a bottle with a cork. For beer bottles, we recommend the crown cork. They are available in different colours so you can opt for the most beautiful combination yourself. 

Wine bottles come in green and transparent and beer bottles come in the colour brown. For other alcoholic beverages, a transparent bottle is often chosen. With liqueurs, it is often more appealing to the eye if you can see the colour of the alcohol. 

Flip-top bottles, round glass bottles and schnapps bottles also form part of our extensive range. Furthermore, nowadays it is also very trendy to put gin in an apothecary bottle, as this gives the drink a stylish and authentic look. 

We have further considered the user of beer bottles. In fact, for easy beer cap placement, we also offer bottle openers on our website. Wine drinkers are also in for a treat. In fact, with our cork pliers, it becomes relatively easy to insert a cork into a bottle. Ideal, right?

Food items

Because glass is odourless and tasteless, it is also ideal for storing olive oil or herbs in, for example. The bottles and jars can be sealed properly so that the contents do not deteriorate and/or perish quickly. offers the right type of closure for each glass container. Think screw lid or lift-up lids.

For the spice jars, we have a suitable cap with a special lid that can grind the herbs/spices. Also very handy for pepper, for example. 

Weck jars lend themselves very well to storing such things as: rice, pasta or biscuits and sweets. This is because they have a fine sealing system that is airtight, which guarantees shelf life. 

You are probably familiar with the traditional sweetie jar. It is characterised by its ability to stand at an angle and has a wide opening that fits a large screw cap. Of course, this is a glass jar that forms a vital part of our range. 

When you think of food that comes in a glass jar, you are also quick to think of jam, mayonnaise or pickles, for example. We also have attractive suitable jars for these food items in our range. From round to hexagonal, we have a suitable glass jar for every purpose!

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic

Dropper bottle are used in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. We have suitable glass bottles for this that come with a pipette. Ideal for precise dosage of liquids, such as ear drops or facial oil. 

For cough syrups, for example, we also have matching glass bottles with a screw cap in our range, as well as offering the real old-fashioned apothecary bottles. These are traditionally used to store medications. Nowadays, these bottles are also used for other purposes such as interior design, or to store beverages.

Perfume bottles are also always made of glass to prevent odour from the container material mixing in. We have a wide range of glass bottles that could be suitable for perfume. For example, there are many playful bottles we offer such as: a human body, a kissing mouth or a high-heeled shoe. Any perfume stands out with such a glass bottle. 

For deodorant, we have a glass bottle including roller in our webshop. This is also known as the roll-on deodorant. It is a glass bottle with a seal that contains a rolling ball. This allows for easy application of the deodorant. This is perceived by some people to be more pleasant than a spray can.

Fragrance diffuser

For the interior, a fragrance diffuser is a real must. They are also a very nice and appreciated gift for a friend. Are you looking for an empty bottle that you can fill with your favourite fragrance? Then look no further and take a look at the fragrance diffuser bottles. They come whole, including sticks to diffuse the fragrance.

Available shape of glass bottles and jars

In the available shapes we offer in the standard bottles, you can choose from: round, square, oval and rectangular. The jars are available in both round and hexagonal. As a result, there is a suitable jar for every purpose. In turn, each shape is suitable for a different kind of purpose. The choice you make in this depends on your intended use of the bottle. 

However, the choice of glass bottles does not stop at our standard line. In fact, we also have a wide range of different funny and unusual shapes that are very nice to give as gifts. Therefore, many bottles are still available in a number of categories. These are: animals, vehicles, Christmas and people. There are also a number of other nice bottles. Please feel free to take a look for the entire range.

Flat or square bottles for better storage

Should you need to store an entire stock of bottles, we recommend bottles with a flat shape. A flat and straight bottle not only has a stylish look, but it is also very convenient for storage as the narrow shape lends itself perfectly to this. 

Olive oil bottles, square apothecary bottles and the flat hip flask are bottles best suited for this purpose. The flat and square shape also makes them very handy and convenient to hold. The hip flask is mainly suitable for travel and fits nicely in a jacket or bag.

Diffuser bottle for diffusion of fine fragrances

For the true lovers of fragrance diffusers, we also have glass jars suitable for storing your favourite scent. With matching caps and fragrance sticks. We have two versions in 100ml, Mystic and Zen and one in 250ml, the Bali.

Apothecary bottle

The apothecary bottles we offer are available in transparent or brown glass. The advantage of brown glass is that it is less fragile and sensitive to light. This applies to both artificial light and sunlight. Therefore, it is also commonly used in laboratories and pharmacies to store chemical liquids that are sensitive to light. 

Besides being used in the pharmaceutical industry, the apothecary bottle is also a real must in the interior design world and is mostly used for decorative purposes. A stylish brown or transparent apothecary bottle looks great in almost any home because of its vintage design. 

Pharmacy bottles can therefore also be used for many different things. Therefore, we also have a wide range of shapes. This means that from 40 to 750ml, there is definitely something for everyone. The shapes vary from square to round and have different neck sizes from wide to narrow.

Stackable bottles with hollow base

The stackable bottles are a must and come in two varieties, the Bonny and the Clyde. As the name suggests, these bottles fit together perfectly. 

The Bonny bottle is a semi-circular bottle with a hollow flat base that easily stacks on top of the Clyde variety. The Clyde bottle, on the other hand, is a flat hemispherical bottle with a flat top. As a result, the Bonny bottle can therefore be stacked perfectly on top of it. 

So, for storing large quantities of liquids, our stackable Bonny and Clyde bottles are a real must!  

In case this is not quite your thing but you would like stackable bottles, take a closer look at the Triplecarre and Tripletonda. These are round and square bottles that can be stacked several times on top of each other.

Cool shapes for decoration

The Florence bottle is a good example of a beautiful eye-catcher for in the home. It is an elegant bottle finished with v-shaped decorative edges at the bottom of the bottle. The Amphore is another bottle with a look of a vase, very beautiful and refined and therefore suitable as a decoration. 

In addition, there are fun bottles available completely themed for Christmas. For example, an angel, star, Santa Claus and even a Christmas tree are available. There is also a wide selection for the animal lover, from a rooster to a fish. Not only nice for decoration, but also very funny to see. If this is not quite what you are looking for, there are also bottles in the category of vehicles, people and many other particularly cool shapes.

Choose the closure that best suits your needs

We have many different closures available. Caps, pumps and jar lids, there is a wide selection of everything depending on what you are looking for. By choosing your own closure, you can completely customise your own bottle or jar. 

If you find this difficult but have already made your choice of bottle or jar, we will give advice on which closure is most suitable when ordering. That way you never spend time searching for the appropriate sizes and dimensions yourself. 

All closures are of very good quality because they are made of sturdy material. To ensure safety, we also offer child-resistant caps to seal liquids that are dangerous to children. These are caps that are designed in such a way that, when combined with the vial, they cannot be opened by young children.

A cork stopper for liquids

For bottles of wine, beer and other alcoholic and non-alocoholic liquids, we have different cork caps in our range. Although it is called a cork cap, the material itself is not, however, made of cork. 

In fact, we only offer cork caps made of: wood and polyethene (PE) or plastic. The crown corks for beer bottles are made of aluminum with acid-absorbing insert that protects the beer from oxidation.

Reusable closure with plastic screw cap or guarantee cap

Because the plastic screw caps and guarantee caps are made of high-quality material, these caps can be reused provided that they are kept clean. If the cap is not clean, it is not hygienic to continue using these caps again even though the quality of the material may otherwise still be good. 

The guarantee caps contain a snap ring. Both caps come in different sizes and colours.

Optimal dosing with a brush or pipette

For 20ml bottles, brushes are available in two different colours: black and white. This, of course, is ideal for liquids where dosage is very important. A pipette is also very popular for dispensing small amounts. Two sizes of pipette are available: the pipette suitable for 20ml and the one suitable for 50ml. Also available in white and black. 

If this still isn't quite what you're looking for, also take a look at our dispensing caps.

Extra experience through flip-top bottles

Beers, juices and other liquids get that extra nice touch with a flip-top closure. Our flip-top closures are made in two different materials: plastic and porcelain. It all comes down to personal choice. Both flip-top closures are the same to use. 

The flip-top closures are also suitable for the specially-shaped bottles. In that case, it isn’t just the bottle that is eye-catching, but the closure also plays a part in this. This completes the picture, providing that extra experience.

Buying glass bottles of different sizes

Smaller dosage in 5 to 50ml glass containers

A number of glass jars and bottles are available in small dosages. The dosage of 30 to 50ml is also very suitable for storing a small amount of perfume. We offer very fun playful bottles for this purpose. 

From a high-heeled shoe bottle to a Christmas tree bottle: whatever you can come up with, we offer it. So you have a suitable bottle for small quantities for every occasion. 

In addition to the different shapes, the glass bottles are also available in the colours brown and blue. The small brown 5ml bottles (also known as dropper bottles) are extremely suitable for liquids where dosage is important. A common use for this size is medicinal liquids.

Average dosage in 100 to 400ml glass containers

We also have a 60ml syrup glass for amounts under 100ml. Ideal for pharmaceutical purposes, such as providing cough syrup. 

From 100 to 400ml, there is a wide range of different glass jars and bottles available. We have even more shapes and glass colours available in this size. For example, how about a horse or motorcycle glass? Nothing is too crazy.

Jars of a size starting from 100ml are also very suitable for storing jams or other foods, for example. Jars of 100ml or larger are more often used for this than smaller 50ml jars. The smaller jars are again more suitable in the cosmetics industry, for storing a face cream, for example.

Larger dosages in 500ml or more

Would you like to store wine in a beautiful glass bottle? If you have bought an old red wine, it is useful to allow it to ‘air’ for a while. This allows the release of fresh flavours over time. For example, for wine, the 500ml bottles on our website are recommended for you. We offer them in both green and transparent and up to 750ml!

The glass jars can also be ordered in these larger sizes. We also have this size of beautiful transparent Weck jars, ideal for storing food items. Also, because the jars are transparent, you can always see what's inside.

Are glass bottles an environmentally friendly choice?

The material glass can always be recycled again, which means that is can also be characterised as a sustainable container material. Old particles of glass are used as raw material to make glass again without losing the quality of the glass. In that respect, it is the most sustainable option among packaging materials.

What can you do with empty glass bottles and jars?

If you're not inspired by the possibilities of glass bottles and jars, we can help you get started. Here are some great tips on some of the things you could use empty glass bottles and jars for:

  • Storage of liquid food items such as: sauces and jams;
  • Storage of dry food items such as: biscuits, pasta and sweets;
  • To store things in;
  • As gift packaging;
  • For flowers and/or plant cuttings;
  • As a tea light holder; 
  • To store healthcare products such as: creams and other cosmetics;
  • To hold oil or syrup;
  • Or as a spice jar.

How long does it take for glass bottles to decompose?

Basically, glass does not decompose in nature. It will start to crumble, so it might decay after 1 million years anyway because it has split into such small particles that it is almost impossible to trace. Therefore, when glass ends up in nature, it has major consequences for nature, animals and humans. It is therefore important to recycle glass in a bottle bank.

How do I clean a glass bottle?

Don't fancy bacteria and mould in your glass bottle? And would you like to use it again? Then it is important to clean a bottle in a timely manner. Below we would like to give you some tips on how best to clean a glass bottle or jar. 

It doesn't have to be very difficult, as a few products will get you a long way. 

For example, you can put uncooked rice, detergent, a dash of vinegar and water in the glass bottle with the cap on. Next, shake well, the rice then scrapes the dirt out of the glass without damaging it. 

For intensive cleaning, add a little baking soda or vinegar and warm water to the bottle. Then put the cap on and allow to stand for a few hours. Then empty the bottle and rinse it well with hot water. If you don't have baking soda, this is not a problem. Use two teaspoonfuls of salt instead. 

When drying the bottle, it is important to leave the cap off so that no condensation forms in the bottle. In fact, this is very suitable for the formation of bacteria. 

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