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Recycled bottles - the new standard!

Find out about bottles made out of recycled materials. We make recycled bottles available to all companies, both small and large. Recycled bottles are made of collected plastic packaging that would otherwise have been thrown away or incinerated. We have both HDPE and PET recycled bottles in stock. More information, the latest developments and inspiration can be found on


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Our juice bottles

In order to make your unique juice recognizable, it is of course very important to choose the right packaging. The form and shape of the bottle shows the customer which juice or smoothie they can expect. Be wise and pro-active and match every juice with a different bottle. Our juice bottles come in the following varieties: ‘detox’, ‘fresh’, ‘square’, ‘shot’ and ‘straight’. It all just depends on your preferences! You can also choose our special smoothie pet bottle, the multifunctional empty bottles or the pet water bottle and save lots of euros on juice bottles!
Want to know more? Please do contact us today. We would love to offer you our expertise and are always thinking along with you. You can also purchase juice bottles directly by clicking on the button below.


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Our sauce bottles

The Sauce Square PET bottle is perfect for a delicious summer dressing, Sauce PE for garlic sauce to your own recipe and the Sauce Shot PET for convenient small quantities of sauce or dressings that you can take anywhere. With so many bottles to choose from, whatever you want to package, always has a suitable bottle. The fliptopcap ensures the bottles are easy to use too, and the ‘first use guarantee’ on the outside makes it exceptionally hygienic. Recognisiability can help to shift your products, so we have a number of unusual designs that certainly catch the eye, and allow you to differentiate. Want to know more? Call or e-mail us today for immediate advice and a quote that meets your needs. You can also request a no-obligation sample or proposal., quality packaging at the best price.


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