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Buying empty bottles online?

Want to buy empty bottles online? At, we offer a wide range of empty bottles. Our services are ideal for small or large orders. A hassle-free process for your new plastic bottle. likes to be involved in your ordering process, which is why we like to recommend plastic solutions that our customers can get enthusiastic about. For any shape or size bottle, we recommend the right cap or closure. In addition, you can always get in touch with us using the contact form for customised advice.

A bottle is a versatile item that can be used for a variety of purposes. However, to make it affordable, plastic offers a solution. Plastics are relatively inexpensive to produce and very workable. In addition, our empty plastic bottles recycle easily. 

Advantages of buying empty bottles online is an online webshop. This means you can easily purchase the items from us online. This offers many advantages for both private individuals and wholesalers. 

The biggest advantage is the ease of use of our online platform. Using the menu, you will soon arrive at the product that is right for you. Still unable to find a bottle to your taste? Using the search bar should certainly get you there.

In addition, we of course deliver right to your front door. Very convenient for when you don't have time to drive to the store. Large order? That, too, is delivered right to your door. The bottom line is this saves a lot of lifting and therefore time.

You can easily have your order delivered. We will ship your order no later than the next working day. This allows us to guarantee a quick delivery time of 2-4 working days, provided that all items are in stock. 

In addition, the plastic bottles are exactly as described on the website. We offer transparency about our prices. This makes it easy to compare our prices with those of competitors. Because specialises in supplying plastic bottles, we can offer the best value for money.

Advantages for individuals

We do not use minimum purchase in our webshop, which means that the private customer can also order 1 product. The bottles have a soft price compared to other suppliers. We offer many payment options such as: iDeal, Klarna, Apple Pay and even credit card.

In addition, our products are completely customisable. So you can choose different colours, shapes and closures/caps. This allows you to give your product a personal touch. 

Advantages for wholesalers

We have a wide range of products, which means there is a suitable product for many different companies/wholesalers in our range. For example, we offer juice bottles, sauce bottles and jars that can be used in the hospitality industry, for example. We also offer several suitable products for cleaning products or cosmetics. Everything is high quality and can be tailor-made for your business. 

Besides the quality of the bottles, we believe that affordability is very important too. This is why we offer our products at a competitive price. In addition, for orders over €100, shipping is free.

What types of empty bottles are available?

The types of bottles we offer are suitable for the following purposes, including: detergent, food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. But you can also choose jars, jerry cans or drink bottles. Anything is possible. 

For example, we also have bottles that are suitable in terms of shape and size for washing-up liquid, detergent (laundry ball) and soap. There are specific bottles that are suitable for juices and smoothies. This is mainly due to their size and design. The selection is diverse and there are different types, sizes and colours available.

Our interesting delivery times and other terms and conditions

We have a fast delivery time. This is because we process your order within 1 working day. As a result, you will have your order within 2-4 working days. We do not deliver on weekends. We charge for shipping/transportation costs. These are automatically deducted from your shopping basket. 

We offer several forms for payment. You can even choose to pay afterwards through Klarna. All payments on the website are made securely in the specially secured environment, Mollie. In addition, it is also possible to pay via Paypal.

All plastic bottles and jars can be supplied with a closure/cap. The prices on our website are displayed including VAT. In addition, we also display the price excluding VAT for our business customers.

You can return your product within 14 days. You will then receive a full refund including shipping costs. You must cover any costs you incur for the return yourself. If you wish to return a product, please fill out the contact form on our website or call: +31 (0)598 745056. 

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