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Want to buy a cheap drink bottle?

Looking for plastic drink bottles? You can create your own complete drink bottle at Plasticbottleshop.eu’s webshop. From the cap to the printing.

Besides giving you the opportunity to create your new water bottle to your exact taste, we are also very favourably priced. Plastic items are our speciality, and you will notice that in the good value for money that we offer.

Plasticbottleshop.eu's product range offers PET bottles and HDPE bottles. You can choose between new or recycled. Recycled HDPE bottles, in particular, are the sustainable option.

At Plasticbottleshop.eu, you can count on an extensive and versatile range. For example, we offer plastic drink bottles in many different shapes and colours. Start creating your own bottle now.

What is the best drink bottle?

Need help creating your new water bottle? At Plasticbottleshop.eu, the main choices are between a PET and an HDPE bottle. HDPE as a material is stronger than PET, making it last longer.

We recommend a plastic bottle with a screw cap and a capacity of 250ml-500ml. A bottle with this cap can be sealed very easily without causing leaks. This type size is also handy, allowing you to easily take the bottle with you, for example while exercising.

Create your own bottle

First of all, pay attention to the contents of the bottle. Our range varies from 5ml to 10,000ml. With regard to the shape of the bottle, we offer: square, rectangular, oval or round. We also have various caps/sealing options. Which choice you make depends on the intended purpose of the bottle. 

It also needs to be attractive to look at, of course. We stock a wide range of colours. As a result, not only is anything possible in terms of size and design, but also in terms of colour.

Plastic water bottle printing

Personalise your water bottle by getting it printed with a design of your choice. Provide your design and we will provide high-quality printing. This can be done via the contact form once you have placed your order. What to choose? A stylish name printing or a creative design to your taste.

There are several options for plastic drink bottles

The material of choice consists of PET & HDPE. Both types are also available in a recycled version. Find out below which material best suits your needs.

Choose convenience with the PET bottle

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is a plastic that is widely used. It is easy to colour and shape, making it suitable for creative drink bottles. Furthermore, it is also easily recyclable.

With PET, you are choosing convenience. In principle, PET is not suitable for long-term use because it can wrinkle. A PET bottle is therefore ideal for use a number of times before being recycled.

Choose the sturdy HDPE bottle

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene. It is a strong plastic that lasts a long time. It can also tolerate high temperatures better than PET, making it suitable for the dishwasher.

With HDPE, you are choosing durability, which translates into our offer. You can choose between the transparent, white or modern black. The coloured screw cap allows you to personalise the bottle.

Choose sustainably recycled plastic drink bottles

Although the use of plastic has many advantages, the waste is another pollution for the environment. We think it is very important to be aware of this, which is why we have recycled bottles in our range. 

Old bottles are ground into pellets and used in the production of the new bottles. A sustainable environmentally conscious choice.

Coloured drink bottles

We have a wide range of colours. The colours most often chosen for drink bottles are: black, transparent, pink, green and blue. It depends on which colours are available for each material.

Black drink bottles

We offer the HPDE bottles in the colour black. This gives the bottle a modern and cool look. The dark colour of the bottle makes it easy to make a label on the bottle stand out. If the colour of the liquid does not need to be immediately visible, the colour black may be chosen too.

Transparent drink bottles

Basically, the transparent bottle is always an option. We offer these in both HPDE and PET. It gives the bottle a classic look, as well as offering options for adding a personal touch. Of course, it is also suitable if you want the liquid in the bottle to be visible.

Pink drink bottles

We only offer the PET bottles in the colour pink. This is a bright pink color that is sure to attract attention. If you were to ask us, it is extremely suitable as a fun drink bottle for sports, for example. It also makes this colour distinctive from a bottle in a standard colour.

Green drink bottles

Green drink bottles are only offered in PET. This is a sturdy material that definitely makes it suitable as a drink bottle. It is a nice bright green colour that is definitely suitable as a drink bottle. You will often see the colour green being used for juices and drinks because of its classic look.

Blue drink bottles

As with the pink and green drink bottles, we also offer the blue drink bottles in PET only. The blue bottle gives a fresh look, making it a very convenient drink bottle. There are also a variety of options for cap colour choices.

Different sizes of water bottles

At Plasticbottleshop.eu, you can choose from plastic bottles of different sizes. The most common choices are the round and square bottles. Furthermore, square or oval bottles are also available.

Round drink bottles

Round drink bottles are the most commonly chosen types of bottles. A round or oval drink bottle is comfortable to hold and looks nice. It also fits in most cup holders. Very convenient when using the bottle during a car journey.

Square drink bottles

In practical terms, a square bottle takes up less space than a round bottle. This makes this shape perfect for storage, especially if you plan to travel. It is also practical if you want to take a large number of bottles with you.

Dishwasher-proof drink bottles

How do you know if a plastic water bottle is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher? It mainly depends on the material used. An HDPE bottle is extremely suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

PET drink bottles can tolerate temperatures up to 60 degrees, making them reasonably dishwasher-proof. Yet the bottle can be damaged in the dishwasher, increasing the chance of leaks. This is something you will want to avoid, of course. 

It is therefore advisable to clean the bottles with baking soda in warm water and to leave it overnight. You can then rinse it the next day with some natural vinegar and water.

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