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  1. Spice Square Jar PET Transparent Spice Square Jar PET Transparent
    Round semi-transparent bottle, available from 250ml to 1000ml
    €3.21 €3.21
    Full Box
    238 x €1.10
  2. Honing PET transparant Honing PET transparant
    Speciaal voor honing ontwikkelde transparante knijpfles
    €2.31 €2.31
    Full Box
    280 x €0.86
  3. Big Clear Jar PET Transparent Big Clear Jar PET Transparent
    Transparent jars with a wide opening, available in 1000ml, 2500ml and 5000ml
    €3.34 €3.34
    Full Box
    132 x €1.55
  4. Basic Rectangle PET Transparent 28.410 Basic Rectangle PET Transparent 28.410
    Rectangle transparent bottle, available in 250 ml and 500 ml
    €2.27 €2.27
    Full Box
    336 x €0.76
  5. Basic Sharp bottles PET transparent Basic Sharp bottles PET transparent
    €2.07 €2.07
    Full Box
    296 x €0.63
  6. Basic Sharp bottles PET Wit Basic Sharp bottles PET Wit
    €2.10 €2.10
    Full Box
    296 x €0.66
  7. Compact Round PET transparant 3start Compact Round PET transparant 3start
    Leverbaar in 250, 500, 1000 ml
    €9.95 €9.95
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Want to buy empty PET bottles?

Buy PET bottles online at We offer an interesting range of plastic containers. Suitable for storing liquids or for other purposes.

At, you can count on an extensive and versatile range. For example, we offer PET bottles in many different shapes and colours. We offer solutions for private individuals and wholesalers.

Using PET bottles is one of the most practical ways to store liquids. You can throw them away after a single use, or keep them for multiple occasions. PET is a flexible material that is highly recyclable.

Because it is a flexible material, it comes in many shapes. It is also cheap to produce. Be sure to dispose of it in a dustbin for recyclable plastics.

Available sizes and shapes of PET bottles

The advantage of PET is that it is easily workable. PET bottles are therefore available in many different shapes and sizes. For sizes, think about the volume of the bottle, such as 100ml, 250ml or 500ml. More sizes are of course available. 

By shape, we refer to the shape of the overall bottle. For example, you can choose a round bottle or a square bottle. For additional depth, you can also choose from several bottle necks.

Oval or round PET bottles

Oval or round PET bottles are the most common bottles for everyday use. This is because they are comfortable to hold, making them handy. offers a total of 26 variations of round or oval PET bottles. Plenty of choice, then.

Another advantage of round bottles is that it fits in a cup holder or can easily be carried in a bag. In addition, you can easily pour liquid with a round bottle because the bottle fits nicely in your hand.

Square PET bottles

A square bottle is ideal for storage. You can easily put them next to each other which makes it easy to store the bottles (with liquid). At, we offer three types of rectangular bottles. Think rectangular or completely square. Of course, you can select your own matching cap. 

Cardboard boxes or crates are optimally filled with square bottles. In addition, a square bottle also holds easily. Suitable for transporting large quantities of liquid.

Available necks

The neck sizes we offer for our bottles come in seven different sizes. For each bottle, the neck size is shown in the specifications. We offer up to twelve different neck sizes.

How do you know which cap or clasp fits which neck size? To keep things clear, the correct closure is automatically attached for each selected PET bottle. Once you have selected a product and placed it in the cart, you are immediately given a choice of the appropriate caps or closures.

Which neck size and closure is suitable for which application? Bottles with a wider neck size are suitable for drinking liquids. The bottles suitable for sauces and sprays, for example, usually have a narrower neck. This has to do with the fact that dosage is important in bottles for this purpose.

PET bottles with different volumes

We have a matching plastic bottle for every application. The PET bottles are available in different volumes. The range of bottle volumes varies between 5 to 10,000ml. A 5ml bottle is usually used in cosmetics. We offer bottles with a volume of 10,000ml, equivalent to 10l, in the form of a jerry can.

Available colours of PET bottles

We offer the PET bottles in different colours. Due to PET's high workability, several colours can be incorporated. Furthermore, it is possible to keep coloured bottles transparent.

Black PET bottles

You can choose to order a black bottle. This is a bottle with a modern and cool look. The colour black is also perfect for colourful labels or printing because it makes it stand out more.

Transparent PET bottles

If the contents of the bottle need to be visible to make a product look more attractive, you can opt for a transparent PET bottle. We offer most shapes and sizes in the transparent version. As a result, the selection is very diverse.

Coloured PET bottles

The bottles can also be ordered in different colours, such as green, blue or pink. Matching caps are also available, giving your bottle the perfect look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PET stand for?

PET is an abbreviation of the word polyethylene terephthalate. This is a thermoplastic polyester, in other words a plastic. It is one of many plastics available.

How are PET bottles made?

Polymer beads (granules) are dried and then fused under high temperature. Once the pellets are liquid, they are injected into a mould under high pressure. This is also known as injection moulding.

Once it has been injected into a mould, it is cooled, creating a pre-form. This is a small bottle similar in size to a test tube. The pre-forms are already hard and firm. 

The pre-form vials are heated with infrared radiation to soften them. This allows the bottles to be stretched, before being inflated. This is also known as blow moulding.

Are PET bottles dishwasher safe?

The average temperature at which a dishwasher runs its programs is 51 to 60 degrees. At temperatures below 51 degrees, the dirt from the dishes cannot be removed effectively enough.

Our PET bottles are heat resistant up to 60 degrees. This means that, in theory, they can go in the dishwasher. However, it is not advisable to do this often. The plastic suffers from this, causing the quality and strength to deteriorate more and more after many times in the dishwasher.

To what extent are PET bottles recyclable?

The multiple-use system is very sustainable. More than 90% of disposable bottles are made of PET. PET is an important element in the raw material cycle because it is 100% recyclable. 

Not only can it be made into bottles again, but it can also be turned into new products. For example, it is also used in the textile and furniture industries. With every purchase of a recycled PET product, you reduce your oil consumption.

Are PET bottles biodegradable?

Although PET is easily recyclable, the material is not currently biodegradable. Plastics are being developed that are biodegradable to a certain extent. PET, fortunately, can be mechanically recycled fairly easily. In other words, it requires machinery in factories. 

The plastics industry in Europe is currently working hard to create a circular environment. This means that plastic will no longer be regarded as waste, but as an important raw material that contributes to recycling.

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